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Datacenter Solutions

Optima.Systems offers external IT services in the field of Datacenter Solutions, in cooperation with the best business partners in the industry, encompassing the following elements:

  • Latest technologies and teleinformation services based on a dedicated Datacenter infrastructure - data center cluster

  • Wide range of ICT services of nationwide range, based on 3500 km dedicated fiber-optic network and sharing links from other operators as well as the only cluster in Poland of geographically dispersed 6 data storage and processing centers, connected to each other by a fiber-optic network

  • Fiber optic connection (without the intermediation of the public Internet) of the local company network directly to the dedicated data center cluster as if the server was physically located in the company's premises

  • Access to a separate, secure zone for storage and processing of personal data

Odoo blok tekstu i zdjęcia 
Odoo blok zdjęcia i tekstu

We offer customized IT solutions for companies and institutions based on Datacenter and fiber-optic network.

Advantages of the Datacenter cluster:

  • State-of-the-art data centers in the country

  • 6 facilities in 4 cities, 4000 sq m.

  • Excellent telecommunications - Ring nx10G, synchronous / asynchronous replication

  • Highest level of security - 100% uptime (availability time) since May 2012

  • Certified Personal Data Zones, ISO Certificate

Range of services and solutions provided on the basis of Datacenter

  • Co-location of cabinets and servers provision of physical space in the data center and telecom infrastructure ensuring optimal, safe working environment for IT systems

  • Lease of servers virtual servers that can be used simultaneously by several Clients, as well as dedicated servers, intended only for one Client + guaranteed power supply, operating system and service

  • Cloud sharing of computing power and data space in a secure data center environment with guaranteed availability (SLA), based on Public and Private Cloud (public and private cloud computing)

  • Anti-DDoS protection protection against hacker attacks

  • Storage and backupNAS servers for files and backups, backup of virtual environments, copy of corporate data to the cloud in the data center

  • Personal Data Zone a specially separated facility in the data center to provide data storage services with a high safety profile - meets the restrictive standards for storing sensitive data defined by the regulator (GIODO)

Odoo blok tekstu i zdjęcia 
Odoo blok zdjęcia i tekstu

Specification of separate, secure personal data zone


  • Separate technical rooms, physically separated from other parts of the data center, ensuring higher levels of data confidentiality and physical security

  • Compliance with the regulatory (GIODO) guidelines for storing sensitive data

  • Certificate “Standarder DOPK” (Personal Data Under Control) dedicated to entities that especially protect their Clients' data and comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law

  • Storage of data only in specialized and monitored cabinets

  • Permanent online monitoring of cabinets and key server operating parameters (e.g. voltage, temperature) with the option to retrieve on demand

  • Dedicated data transmission and guaranteed internet access in the data center

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