System functionality


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  • The user can choose between an automatic and a manual acquisition method.

  • The main screen of the module shows the format of the storage sheet. Some fields can be “looked behind” – the following data is available for each product retrospectively for 5 years:
    - Supplier orders and other related data: monthly consumption, safety stock multiplier, stock, quarantine
    - Supplier confirmation data

    - Supplier behavior analysis – statistics

    - Received goods data: from whom, when, how much and at what price

    - Data on goods delivered, returns and reverse invoices: when, what sales direction, to whom, how much, at what price

  • By considering projected selling, smoothed product shortage analysis, seasonal parameters, supplier parameters, the stock and the orders made, the system creates an automatic order that can be accepted or overridden.

  • There are various statistics that connect to this module:

    - Customer analysis: it shows the number, pattern, composition and value of orders and returns by each customer and customer type
    - Customer contribution analysis
    - Product analysis: the time and quantity of all movements of the product are shown according to product type, product group and individual products
    - Storage unit statistics: movements are shown according to storage unit, product, customer, time (to the minute) and quantity
    - Product shortage statistics
    - Unfilled orders
    - Stock age

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