PharmaLog - logistics system for pharmaceutical wholesalers

For 30 years we are developing software systems which fulfil the special - primarily logistical, IT needs of pharmaceutical wholesalers 

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Pharmaceuticals - special product

Pharmaceuticals are products which have one of the greatest value density and are distributed in great volumes. They have been at the forefront of logistical development for decades. The newest technologies emerge in this sector. Pharmaceuticals are also special products in the way that their distribution requires the highest degree of quality control and tracing.

At the same time, the natural goal of pharmaceutical distribution companies is profitability, which involves optimizing certain tasks in distribution, keeping costs down and operating efficiently.

Special warehouses

A wholesale company today can only be profitable if it knows the suppliers for all of its distributed items, their pricing, their discounts and their distribution patterns; if it can offer competitive prices and various discounts to its buyers; if it is able to receive the buyers’ demands and fulfil them in the adequate quantity, quality and with adequate accuracy. To this end, all data pertaining to them must be collected and stored retrospectively for years, and analyzed with the proposed goal in mind. A company can only do this if it possesses an modern IT platform.

Due to the special nature of pharmaceuticals and their distribution, wholesalers operate several special warehouses besides the typical background and picking depots (such as special substances, e.g. psychotropic medicines, explosive, acid and flammable products, products requiring cold and cool storage, waste storage, sample and counter sample, pharmaceutical raw materials, supplier deposit and customer consignment, depot rental, etc.).

The newest developments in ITC technology quickly appear in pharmaceutical warehouses (RF, mobile devices, automation).

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PharmaLog - special software system

We have designed  PharmaLog software for the distribution of pharmaceuticals as special goods, and due to permanent innovation, the system is highly suitable for optimized operation of distributors’ special depots. In line with the requirements of the user, PharmaLog supports IT communication, warehouse and process automation techniques in use today and previously, tried and tested tools.

At a distributor operating a country-wide network, e.g. 7 sites, a full range of products (more than ten thousand products) and 500 terminals,  PharmaLog works just as efficiently as at another wholesaler with 3 IT terminals, distributing just a small range of medicines.  

We are able to provide manual, semi-automated and fully automated solutions in all segments. We optimize our system for our Client’s existing warehouses and processes, and we offer help in modernizing it step by step.

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We are able to provide optimal solutions for all warehouses, at all levels of organization. Some of these special solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Inventory management that also takes into account past turnover data, supplier behaviour analysis, seasonality, epidemics, etc.

  • Stock division (more sites, reallocation, central depots)

  • Product placement (dual optimization for the lowest picking costs and achieving the most balanced employee workload division)

  • Picking (finding the optimal picking task, always based on the employee workload at the given moment)

PharmaLog  is not the logistics module of an ERP system, but a system in itself that connects to the company ERP. It was developed for companies where distribution is the core business  and not just one of many activities.

In certain countries, a decline in the number of significant pharmaceutical wholesalers has been a decades-long trend, while at the same time, the number of warehouses operated by a single company has been increasing. PharmaLog can handle the changes of the corporate topology: the appearance of new sites, depots and cross-docking facilities as well as the continuous movement of items and stock division.

The necessary pharmaceutical Quality Control is an integral part of the system (electronic handling of test certificates, quarantine depot, tracing and recall).

We provide a documented and validated system to our Clients.

PharmaLog - system versions

PharmaLog enterprise,  full version

Operations module

Customer system connections

Order entry (electronic, dispatch terminal)

Preparing invoices and delivery notes, invoicing on a round-trip basis

Financial invoicing – discount, cash discount and rebate management

Invoice control – registering and pairing supplier invoices and distribution costs

Financial registration to the ERP system 

Logistics module

Inventory management – Acquisition (automatic and manual acquisition methods)

Receiving goods – Quarantine management – Release

Quality control (QC numbers creation, official certificates management, market withdrawal)

Order processing – Picking 

  • Support of picking technologies (picking list, Pick by Light, Pick by Voice, RF and mobile devices with barcode handling, automatic picking)

  • Interactive connection using Peem and Knapp depot and conveyor controller systems

  • Optimizations (picking box launching, picking, expedition)

  • Support of verification and expedition with RF devices

  • Warehouse – Inventory records

  • Put-away, replenishment – optimization

  • Special warehouse management 

  • Managing sites and cross-docking platforms, inventory movement


Managerial information – Statistics

Master files maintenance – Price change management – Monthly and daily data closing 


PharmaLog enterprise,  logistics version

Logistics module  – description above


PharmaLog,  small business version

Full version of the system with integrated functions for distributors with simpler operations.


PharmaLog - Technology

Key components: Linux servers, Oracle SQL database, Windows clients, RF clients with .NET framework.

The system can be run in an IT infrastructure installed on its own environment or is also available to the Clients in a hosting-based environment (rented version).

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