Optima.ADM - strategic system platform for property management

For 20 years we create IT systems which meet the special IT needs of property managers

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Optima.ADM - specialist IT system

As a producer and supplier of software for the Property Management industry with an established market position and over 20 years of tradition in the changing legal, business and technological environment, we are a proven partner for Clients with a diverse scale of activity.

Starting from small companies operating locally, through medium-sized enterprises with dozens of employees and a wider operating range, and ending with large, multi-department enterprises with hundreds of employees and  an extensive territorial structure, we provide each of them with a stable, modern, strategic property management platform

We have gained many years of Customer trust by providing cutting edge software solutions.

Optima.ADM - system characteristic


Universal ERP system that meets the requirements of businesses but is equipped with rich, specialized functionality designed for the Property Management industry. Management of a large number of properties and real estate raises problems related to repeated duplication of routine activities for all properties, a multitude of settlements between the property manager, tenant entities, municipality, utilities and service providers as well as financial and technical control of the correctness of settlements.


Integrated operational service, accounting and tax support in one system for many independent business entities – tenant entities, third-party property managers, municipality, developers, etc.


System's software is built as a single functional unit without any division into modules - you do not need to think in advance about purchasing the right number of modules. Instead, you have the flexibility to allocate rights to any number of employees in accordance with their skill set and competences.

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Supports all departments and processes in a modern property management company, including: resource administration, mass payments, billing, invoicing and settlement of payments, utilities and services, debt collection, settlement of operating costs, repairs and utilities, settlement of tenant entities, individual and collective owners (Company, Developer, Municipality).

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Multidimensional, functionally rich structure supports small, multi-person and large, multi-branch companies, operating locally and scattered territorially, and the number of managed property and real estate is limited only by the existing hardware and human resources.

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Performs most of the processes en masse for all managed properties, in the scale of hundreds of thousands or millions of complex operations simultaneously, e.g. monthly customer charges are automatically calculated, invoiced and appear in financial master files and relevant VAT registers. This ensures optimization of management costs by maximizing the facilitation and acceleration of the service of a large number of entities.

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The use of a technologically advanced application generator to build the system enables installation on your IT infrastructure or in a cloud-based model in a commercial datacenter; smooth expansion and scaling of system power; work in local and wide area networks via the Internet; support for many distant Customer Service Units / Points in one central system.

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Provides security mechanisms in accordance with the personal data protection law, protection against loss, destruction or manipulation of the company's most important information resource - including double login; encryption and easy backup and database recovery; identification of changes; very detailed but easy to administer system of access rights to individual functions, taking into account the company's structure and employees' competencies.

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Permanent system monitoring and maintenance - each installation is monitored by us and adapted to the current requirements of each Client.

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System is continuously adapted to the current legal frameworks and business environment.

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Significant degree of parameterization enables easy adjustment to the Client's needs and independent configuration of the scope of information and methods of data processing.

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System software is a single unit based on one common database and one entry of information, eliminates processing of inconsistent, incorrect data by individual processes, e.g. mass payments from the banking system are automatically accounted for the settlement of the customer and the tenant entity as well as debt collection.

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The use of technologically advanced application generator to build the system ensures the standardization of the user interface in a uniform data presentation convention and the manner of service, consistent with universally recognized standards, while obtaining maximum readability and information clarity. This speeds up the process of system implementation and user training and reduces the number of errors made by users.