Logistics services for pharmaceutical wholesalers

Our activity, either fully or partially connected to the logistics system, may comprise customizing the IT system, designing warehouse logistics processes, planning workflows, designing and executing warehouse technologies and selecting and delivering electronic installations that support picking.

Logistical process organization with the following content

1. Consulting and design work

  • work flow related to reception and movement of goods

  • quality assurance

  • put-away

  • product handling within the warehouse

  • picking

  • verification

  • invoicing

  • shipping, releasing stock

  • areas of application for bar codes

  • creating storage unit codes

  • background and picking warehouse setup

  • storage unit scaling 

  • picking map design

  • put-away suggestions

  • A-B-C analysis preparation (if an adequate turnover database is available)

2. After assessing and jointly designing workflows, we submit an expert opinion that contains the following documents

  • IT design plans of the warehouse 

  • descriptions and flow charts for work flow in the warehouse 

  • descriptions of workplace responsibilities for warehouse employees

  • flow chart for the movement of goods

  • certificate samples accompanying the work flow

  • certificate handling sequence

  • storage unit layout, assigning products to storage units, outlining and establishing the picking map

  • list of master file data required to be uploaded

  • empties management (outgoing boxes, pallets, cold depot empties, etc.)

  • waste management

  • inventory

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