Services for pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmaceutical logistics

Installing a logistics system is a lengthy and difficult process for a wholesaler, bringing with it many changes. It determines the framework of the company’s core business, its opportunities for expansion and its efficiency for years to come. To ensure its success, we believe that next to the quality of our software, the speed, accuracy, completeness and flexibility of the related services are of vital importance. Apart from the software development and deployment, our services also extend to the associated economic and technical fields.

We approach each of our Clients individually and in a personalized way. We provide dedicated care and a permanent person who manages the relationship and contacts with the Client, both during the implementation of projects and after implementation as part of the ongoing support and maintenance of the system.

Over the years, we have taken part in many successfully concluded and complex projects. During these, we have established partnerships whose support has enabled us to offer not only logistics software to our Client. We offer consulting for warehouse organization – with warehouse optimization methods, design and execution of various warehouse technologies and mobile, bar code devices that can be used in warehouses. We also offer IT tools from high-value servers to setting up networks and various software components. Our goal is to deliver complete solutions to our Clients.


A well-functioning pharmaceutical warehouse (picking, background, cold storage etc.), either newly established or reorganized from an existing one, is an extremely difficult task. Countless issues may arise, such as:

  • type and quantity of storage units

  • selecting a warehouse technology

  • planning the movement of goods

  • picking map layout

  • selecting and placing IT tools 

  • outlining workflow, etc.

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Warehouse optimization

Designing the operation of warehouses does not immediately mean efficient and economical functioning. How to organize the equipment (e.g. placement of goods, picking map, number of pickers), primarily for our picking warehouses, in such a way as to make lead times shorter and to operate with the lowest possible costs?

By setting these goals, new issues and aspects arise that we can offer software solutions to by analysis and optimization methods.

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Project management

The checklist of installing the PharmaLog system is largely dependent on the profile of our Client (e.g., a wholesaler working with a complete range of products or a manufacturer’s official representative), their size (number of items, number of buyers/suppliers, number of users), the type of warehouses, whether they choose the customized or the hosting system, and certain other criteria. It is according to this that we compile the steps involved in introducing the system, in a dynamic way.

However, it is only after rigorous checking and testing that we arrive from assessing the user’s requests to customizing the system, training the users and the live launch.


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Software maintenance and support

We are able to offer our Clients a service package for the entire lifespan of the PharmaLog system. 

After the live launch of our systems, we undertake to monitor and adapt them. We deem it crucially important that our Clients  should never feel alone when faced with an issue involving IT. Hotline and helpdesk tools ensure continuous contact, due attention and successful resolution.

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Organize and operate your pharmaceutical warehouse in the most professional, efficient and financially effective way!

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