PharmaLog technology - hardware

Throughout PharmaLog development and operation, the most important criteria is data security and high availability. Our larger Clients use our system continuously on hundreds of computer. We have Clients whose turnover is close to one billion Euros. They issue several tens of thousands of invoices daily. Downtime or data loss originating from an IT source could cause significant losses – from a business stand point it is therefore critical for the application to keep working. With all this in mind, we have chosen a technology and IT topology that allows us to minimize the occurrence of any conceivable errors.

PharmaLog is an application that runs on a Windows/Linux server. The newest version of our system is up to today’s requirements (graphical interface, access via the internet, support for tablets and mobile phones, SQL database management etc.). When the user logs in for the first time, a small application (RIA) is downloaded, through which they can reach the server. We use the resources of the workplace terminal in the execution of the online processes. The database is located exclusively on the server. Processing operations run on the server, while the workplace terminal takes part in the graphical representation.

Thanks to its development technology platform (Magic),  PharmaLogis suitable for use with most popular hardware platforms (server-side).


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