PharmaLog technology


PharmaLog  system runs in Magic environment, which is supported by Oracle, and offers fast response times as well as safe and secure data handling to users. Magic platform essentially ensures server-side program operation for applications, and the graphical user interface is a special rich client application (i.e. RIA), which communicates with the server on an encrypted channel. Data exchange between server and client is limited to the least possible traffic, enabling users with more modest Internet bandwidth to be served. Each RIA client is assigned to its own execution engine server-side. The load distribution of the engines is overseen by broker programs; this allows the execution engines to serve clients from multiple servers or even to be scaled exceptionally well in a VM environment. High availability can easily be ensured with this architecture. Data security – thanks to Oracle’s multi-layered data replication technology – is extremely high.

Running environment

  • Database server: ORACLE, Microsoft SQL, SQLite

  • Server: Linux lub serwer Windows

  • Client application: .NET Rich Client Application


  • Desktop: PC, industrial computers

  • Mobile computer: notebook, netbook, RF devices, mobile phone, tablet etc.

  • Operational system: Windows, Android, iOS

  • Printers:  professional label printers (Intermec, Zebra), laser printers and high-performance laser or line printers for printing certificates (duplex printing available, control of printers capable of binding sheets)

  • Automatic data input station:  bar code scanners, scales, motorized conveyor (Knapp, Peem), RFID gate

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